Fabienne, was born in Cameroon, and has been worshipping with us at St Lawrence for several years , and many will know her and her son Churchill.

She has set up the Epoulbass Foundation to continue the work started by her sister Tata in her home village of Kanda in east Cameroon.  Tata set up a sewing workshop there in 2009 for the girls in the village to give them a means of earning a living.

Called the Ndozeng Butterfly @Singer Foundation, Tata managed the workshop as a business, and the profit generated was used to feed the girls and help them start up new businesses.  She helped many girls to be self-sufficient, restoring their dignity, pride and self-belief in achieving their goals and aspirations.

Sadly Tata died in 2014, and the aim of the Epoulbass Foundation is to raise the funds needed to carry on the work started by Fabienne’s sister by building a proper workshop and centre to enable the work to continue.  Currently there is land available and there are competent trainers willing to run the workshop, so it will be in safe hands.

A small group of us have been helping and encouraging Fabienne during the last year, and you may remember the fantastic International Taste Day last September.