This letter contains important news, please read it carefully and prayerfully.

Revd David Hinks has been appointed as Managing Chaplain at Winchester Prison, a full-time position.  He and Julie will leave the Parish of the Resurrection soon after Easter.  We will organise a way of giving thanks for David’s time as Associate Vicar when we have further details.

Revd Chris Bradish will be joining the Church Revitalisation Project at Holy Trinity Brompton for the next year in preparation for a role back in The Winchester Diocese as a leader/vicar of a Resource Church.  His last Sunday will be Easter Sunday.  We will hold a farewell tea for them on Saturday 31st March between 2pm and 4pm in The Parish Centre.

We pray for both David & Julie and Chris, Naomi, Peter, Juliette and Lydia has they prepare to leave us and take up these exciting opportunities.  A

With love

Pastoral Letter – March 2018