Praying in April 2018

We have celebrated Easter and now move towards Ascension Day and then Pentecost.  Pray that we would, as individuals and as a parish, remain excited and energised by the resurrection of Jesus.  Pray that those who attended Holy Week and Easter services for the first time or renewed their connection with our churches will continue to worship, pray and become disciples with us.

We give thanks for the overwhelming success of the Ecumenical Lent Course focussing on The Gospel of Mark – the Eyewitness Accoutn.  We pray for those who attended week by week and engaged with the topics and discussions.  Please also pray for the town ministers who will meet together to think and discern how we grow together further in our unity and witness.  

Pray for the forthcoming Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday 29th April and for the exhibition of parish life which will precede it.  We will celebrate the ways in which God is working in our parish life and pray for his guidance and wisdom as we go forward this coming year.

Pray for the Hard of Hearing Group and for the ways in which it reaches out to a wide variety of people in our community.  

The contractors (R.A. Croft) are working hard to finish the alterations to the Church of The Holy Rood, Holybourne.  Pray for them as we look forward to the completion of the project in May.

As we look at a series of teaching on ‘Praying Together’ we pray that we will learn and pray.  We ask that the opportunities that are available for people to pray 

together may have greater attendance.  We pray for expectation that our prayers will be answered by our faithful God.

We give thanks for the ministry that Chris Bradish has had with us.  We pray for Chris, Naomi, Peter, Juliette and Lydia as they move to London and begin work at Holy Trinity Brompton.  Pray for a safe move and that they settle into their new home and life in London.

We also give thanks for Tori’s ministry in the Parish Office and pray for her as she begins her new job.  Pray for those who are now tasked to work on the appointment of a new Parish Administrator. 

We pray too for Lisa Bewick as she leaves our parish and looks forward to her curacy at St John’s Church Waterloo.  We give thanks for ministry with us and also pray for her continuing work as Education Officer at Southwark Cathedral.