Praying in October 2018

As we celebrate Harvest Festival we pray in thanksgiving for the gifts which God bestows upon the earth and its people. We recognise that for parts of the world there has been famine, uncertain weather conditions or the results of war and unrest which means they are hungry and lacking in the most basic food and provision. We pray especially for our link Diocese in Karamoja, Uganda.

We pray for the Alton Foodbank and all those who work and volunteer there. We give thanks for all the generous donations made and for those who rely on its presence inour town. In turn, we ask for God’s generosity in us to rise up and support this vitalwork.

We recently appointed Keren Brake to the 8 hour a week GAP position of Schools Ministry Co-ordinator. Her work is to build and maintain relationships with all our local primary schools, taking Collective Worships, helping with RE curriculums, offering activities within our church buildings, leading Service After Schools and the like. Pleasepray for her in this vital area of ministry, seeking God’s hand upon all that she does forthe Kingdom.

There are a number of people from our churches who take Collective Worships(assemblies) in our local schools. We pray particularly for those in the ‘Open the Book’teams and their commitment to sharing Bible stories with the children. We also pray for the staff and others who teach and care for the children of our parish.

We pray for The Library Club, T@3, The Jigsaw Afternoons, The Hard of Hearing Club, our time spent in the many residential homes and the other activities which gather older people together. We pray for our Anna Chaplains and those who work alongside them.

We pray for those who represent us on Deanery Synod – Peter & Margaret Bell, Elspeth Gurney, Lisa Hillan and Tori Hewitt. We also pray for the monthly church leaders meeting. We pray for unity amongst all local churches and for ideas and energy to work together on important areas of mission and ministry.