Praying in August 2019

We give thanks for the valuable ministry undertaken by our Parish Pastoral  Visitors.  Pray that those who are visited and shown love will be encouraged by their words, prayers and time.  Many of those visited are lonely, grieving, poorly or housebound – lift them to God for healing, comfort and peace.

We pray for our children’s ministry.  The Lighthouse meets in Alton Methodist Church and St Lawrence Church.  We pray for its further development and growth as we see more families and children at our worship and events.  Also pray for The Teddies toddler groups which meet at The Church of the Holy Rood and St Lawrence as they grow and nurture young children and parents. 

We pray for Ali Wright, our Youth Minister and Chaplain to Alton College.  We pray for her ministry with FROG, METTLE and other opportunities for young people.  We thank God especially for the work she has been able to do in Amery Hill and Eggars Secondary Schools.  We especially pray for our young people who are going to Soul Survivor during the summer holiday – pray that they worship, pray and get to know Jesus more.

Pray for the forthcoming Jigsaw Puzzle Festival.  Particularly pray for those who are organising it.  This is a fantastic community event and so we ask that God will help us to further our vision of being ‘active in service’ and ‘proclaiming the Risen Jesus’.

We have had the privilege of many baptisms and weddings in the parish 

recently – and there are more to come.  Pray for these opportunities to meet and welcome these people, that we will convey our faith well and that they will encounter God through the services and relationships we build.

We pray for Alton Methodist Church and our ongoing relationship and ministry together.  We thank God for Philip Simpkins their minister and those who serve with in him leading their church.

We are planning and preparing for two exciting courses in the autumn.  There will be an Alpha Course and a Parenting for Faith course.  Please pray for those who are getting involved in all the preparations and most importantly that people will come.  Please pray for those who you could invite to come along and explore faith with us – maybe you would come with them.