Praying in April 2020

We will move from Lent, through Holy Week to Easter. Pray that we would, as
individuals and as a parish, remain focused on the death and resurrection of
Jesus and the hope He brings.

We give thanks for the recent Alpha Course. We pray for those who attended
week by week and engaged with the topics and discussions. May the Alpha
Course and their relationship with Jesus bring rich fruit in their lives.
Pray for the Hard of Hearing Group and for the ways in which it reaches out to a
wide variety of people in our community.

The Beech Lunch Club welcomes many people month by month. Pray for the
team who organise this and for those who look forward to it and enjoy the time
spent there.

We have a team of people working on a reordering proposal for St Lawrence
Church. Please pray for wisdom, creativity and good collaboration
and consultation.

Please pray for the immediate situation of COVID-19. We are in lockdown and a
time of great anxiety. Pray for those who have been bereaved, those with loved
ones ill with the virus. Remember in prayer those who will be lonely and isolated.
Pray for healing of the land, the world and God’s people