Jigsaws… Jigsaws… Jigsaws… and Jigfest17

What a tremendous event again this year. After a year of people contributing made up puzzles, and an amazing team preparing for the festival, we grossed £4822.15 with about £250 expenses, so comparable with last year. We had 478 paying visitors, who bought more than 540 puzzles. However, I would want to say that the festival is so much more than the money raised, as important as that is. This is a brilliant community event, both for the church members who made it happen, and for those who came in to meet with them. It was lovely to see many bring their children who enjoyed the play area. It was wonderful to see families enjoying the event and sharing stories about how doing a puzzle together unites the generations. Or how one carer brought her charge along to sit in the ambience of St Lawrence, as she loves doing puzzles.

I want to say a special thanks to Jane Lees for looking after the banking, to Julie Hinks for arranging the rotas and taking on the catering, to Steve Thompson for being with me every day controlling the stock and cardboard, to Tony Willman, for coordinating the music, Peter Bell and Anthea for the heritage puzzles and Gwen & Lesley for the Tombola. Thanks too, to the ‘heavy-lifters’, the team who prepared the church before and after the event. Of course I would like to thank those of you who were cashiers, welcomers, jigsaw assistants, breakers and packers, door entry takers, the Pod catering team (inc. cake-bakers), the musicians who came to play the organ & piano, and finally everyone who made up the puzzles. You are all amazing!

It’s fair to say that we have quite a lot of puzzles in stock and storing them for the year isn’t easy. There a plenty of puzzles to be made up during the next year in All Saints’ and St Lawrence. If you are considering providing any puzzles for making up in particular, that unless they are in perfect almost new boxes with no stickers, writing or damage you don’t bring any more in. I’ll be destocking in the next few weeks, to clear out the less perfect puzzles.

Let’s not forget this is all to the glory of God, and so we want it to be our very best!

With my warmest appreciation, prayers and blessings,