For the first time in several years Karamoja has had significant rainfall, as has much of East Africa.

The early rains were substantial and although some crops were washed out, the early harvest was good which eased the food shortages and helped to bring down the costs to a more affordable level. The signs are that the main harvest will be delayed into September but will be enough to provide food for the coming year. However the yields will still be below average.

At the DTC they are struggling for space. This year’s intake was larger than usual and many of the students are having to sleep in the classroom.  They are also struggling with the increasingly dilapidated buildings. The toilets that were improved with our support are very much appreciated.

We have heard recently from some British missionaries working in Kotido (North Karamoja).

They write, “the potential for the DTC to continue to impact Karamoja with the gospel is huge.  One of our biggest challenges here in Karamoja is lack of local church leaders.  There are many professing Christians in small congregations but all are illiterate and without Bibles so there is no growth.”

They have been working closely with 2 recent graduates from the DTC who have been supporting small groups of local believers by teaching them the Bible and encouraging them.  There has been real growth in numbers and faith in these groups.

Please be encouraged that the support of the Alton Deanery to the work in Karamoja is bearing fruit.