We have been meeting together for Evening Worship on Sunday evenings in St Lawrence Church since September and there have a been a number of people who have to come to share this time.  We have more contemporary worship songs accompanied by Sylvia Raine on the keyboard, Robin Kemp on guitar, Helen Walters on flute and I hear that others may be coming to join.  We pray together sometimes creatively, sometimes quietly, sometimes with moments for people to lead from the congregation.  We hear readings from the Bible and someone speaks to  them, digging more deeply into them than normal.  It would be good to have more people more regularly – why don’t you come along and see what it’s like – you might feel like someone who said to me the other day, “this is the best and most meaningful way to finish off the week.”
Always 6.30pm on a Sunday in St Lawrence Church.  Choral Evensong continues on the 3rd Sunday evening of each month.